Our Doctors
Ileana Aponte Camacho, MD
  • 10 years practice experience

  • Family physician

  • Experience in Emergency and Occupational Medicine

  • Certified trainer in BLS

  • Trained in IV Therapy

  • Stem cells certified

Our Mission


To take care of patients with the greatest commitment, so that each and everyone's health shines with excellence.

​To maintain the quality and care of our patients to comply with all health codes.


Latest Clinic News:

A little about Medical Golden Clinic

Jul 12, 2019


Medical Golden Clinic provides Primary care services including family medicine, geriatric care and internal medicine.

We provide continuing and comprehensive health care.

We work with current knowledge in health and beauty so that the patient feels satisfied internally and externally.



Our Vision

To be leaders in the clinical field and sustain our patients with excellent health.

​To maintain highly professional and motivated staff for which the patient's total satisfaction is always the number one priority.

To train our health care professionals to deliver the best quality in health services.

Medical Golden Clinic

4365 Hunters Park Lane

Suite #10

Orlando, FL 32837

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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